Why You Have to Change Your Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Georgetown University Center for Amusing Impact Communication acquaint an commodity recently, which you can apprehend in a hotlink below, about what humans wish on amusing media and how nonprofits can advance their efforts. I animate you to yield a apprehend of the article.

Every day my companies are alive beyond abounding amusing media platforms, and with our fundraising and business companies we accept the befalling to see a ample array of nonprofits and charities. We get to see who’s accomplishing things appropriate on amusing media and who needs a little added compassionate of what their followers and the accessible wish to see. I anticipate abounding nonprofits and brands accept to accept what humans are searching for in amusing networking afore they can activate to advance an able activity that works for them.

According to the article, there are three things that humans wish to see on their amusing media feeds.


Social networking is primarily acclimated to break in acquaintance with humans who are already apparent frequently by the user (Lenhart and Madden, 2007).


The basic motive for abutting Facebook is associate burden and the basic gratifications humans accept if application Facebook awning ball and blockage abreast in amusing circles (Quan-Haase and Young, 2010). Among those over age 50, the two primary factors in Facebook acceptance are affection administration including ball such as amateur and amusing activity such as reposting political opinions (Ancu, 2012).


The “hipster” aftereffect is the abstraction that the added affiliated anyone appears to be in causes in actuality increases a person’s amusing basic (Ellison, et al., 2007). This self-affirmation approach was acclimated to actuate that spending time on Facebook accomplished an ego charge and that acknowledgment to one’s own Facebook contour added self-worth and self-integrity (Toma and Hancock, 2013).

If you accumulate the three account mentioned aloft in your mind, you’ll go a continued way against compassionate what your nonprofit or amusing action followers wish to see. Just because you’re a alms doesn’t beggarly that humans are not motivated by a charge to see “entertainment,” for example.

In our circadian plan we’re heavily on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Although it’s taken time for us to abound our beat effectively, what the Georgetown commodity is what we’ve apparent as well.

1. Connectedness: humans are on amusing media because it helps them acquaint in a way that’s on-demand at any time of the day or night. I anticipate this is the active force of amusing networking.

2. Entertainment: I apperceive it may assume shallow, but humans accept a lot of pressures in their day to day activity and generally the annal through their timelines to abstract themselves and see something fun or enjoyable. No one wants to see a timeline of anger, resentment, and connected complaints. Nonprofits that bethink that no amount how austere the issue, there are acute and admiring means to absorb accept the upper-hand.

3. Self-affirmation: When humans accord to alms or become a addict to an organization, it’s primarily apprenticed by emotion. After that, aggregate they do in abutment of the alignment is to self-affirm the accommodation they fabricated to advice a accurate cause. It helps them access their “social capital” in their amusing network, as able-bodied as aural themselves.

The nonprofit organizations that accept the greatest success on amusing media accept these concepts and yield them to heart. Let’s attending at some of the best examples of these account with charities that apperceive how to chronicle to the accessible via amusing networking platforms.

Neverthirst: Is a nonprofit focused on bringing apple-pie and cooler baptize to the world’s bankrupt people. The mission is tough, but if you yield a attending at their website and amusing media, you’ll see how they appoint donors, supporters and the accessible with fresh, apple-pie and agreeable content. And, yes, you’ll see elements of fun and entertainment.

Best Friends: Is the better no-kill altar in the United States. Every day they’re alive to save all of the dogs and bodies that are in annihilate shelters, calumniating mills, or in charge of help. Their job includes award homes for harder to abode animals. One of the a lot of avant-garde means they’re aggravating to bout canines with adopters is through their Paws Like Me Quiz.

Human Rights Campaign: Has added than 1.5 actor associates beyond the country acknowledging LGBTQ issues. As of this writing, they accept a attack to advice accession acquaintance about the gay men in Chechnya who are getting murdered, baffled and bent by the badge for their sexuality. HRC has been application amusing media images to advice accession acquaintance and support. If you attending at their Facebook page, they currently accept a call-to-action appropriate on their awning photo. This alignment is accepted for its accomplished use of imagery, which helps appoint supporters and the public.

I’ve been in your shoes. I was already the architect and controlling administrator of a nonprofit. However, my cerebration has consistently been, even if we were operating out of a individual room, that we had to accord the accessible what they capital to see. We had to accept what motivated them and that’s how we would acquisition abutment for our work.

Nothing’s changed. Despite the actuality we accept agenda and amusing media now, humans are motivated by the aforementioned things they’ve consistently been motivated by in the past: connectedness, ball and self-affirmation. Amusing networking is not rocket science. If you accumulate those three elements in apperception if you’re developing your amusing media strategy, it’ll advice you agreement success.

To apprehend the aboriginal commodity by Georgetown University Center for Amusing Impact Communication, please bang here.